Dear Followers,

I made it through week one of the single life and I can already see God working on me. First thing, I have sooooo much peace. Life if crazy and hectic right now and I know that this is peace that can only come from the Lord. Secondly, I’ve had a better attitude about life in general. I can be a pretty big brat sometimes, and much of the time I whine and complain about different things (over complain), but through beginning to read 1 Peter (which is my favorite book of the Bible) I have been greatly reminded that God deserves praise for every little thing. From dying for my sins on the cross to waking me up this morning, from giving me this great job to giving me great roommates. Third, I learned how much was lacking in my own walk with Christ and some areas where I am spiritually immature; areas that need to be worked on before entering into a relationship with someone who is just as imperfect as I am.

All that to say, I am confident that God is going to do some big things in my life this year and that overall it’s going to be a good year!


Girls Bible Study Ideas!

Well Dear Followers my roommate and I have decided to start a college girls Bible study at our lovely house! We’re kind of excited, but we don’t really know where to begin, what materials to use, or even what book of the Bible to start with. We’re a tad bit in a rut here. SOOOO, my question for all of you is: do you know of any Bible studies that are geared toward college students or young adults?? Comments and messages would be much appreciated! I love you all!!

Sweet Sunday




This is the amazing creation that Alyssa and I baked tonight…after spending about an hour in the gym of course. We believed it was a fair reward for working so hard and having sore muscles. The rest of this week has gone really well. I am beginning to go through 1 Peter, which is my favorite book of the Bible. God is revealing a lot of my insecurities to me this week and now I really want to begin the process of overcoming different fears that I have. This semester is really going to be a journey of being content in Christ and satisfied in who He says I am. It’s going to be tough, but I am ready for it.

Shady Saturday

It’s a cloudy day in Dallas today. It’s also cleaning day in our house! Actually…it’s just cleaning day for Alyssa and me. Since our room is on the bottom floor in our house we make a mess that spreads from our room, through the bathroom, into the hallway, all over the living room, into the kitchen, and into the laundry room. So, to ease the mess and make our roommates a little happier we are having a cleaning day! We’ve got the worship music turned up and are ready to get our hands dirty and the house clean!

Also, since it’s such a yucky day outside there really isn’t anything else to do…

Thunky Thursday

Dear Self, I don’t really think that “thunky” is even a word…but the other half of me still thinks it sounds cool! Dear Alyssa, you have grown so much over the past two and a half years. It is so great to see God working in your life and teaching you new things. Dear Hannah, you have a very wonderful boyfriend indeed. I am so happy that he is yours, and I’m thankful I can call him a good friend. Dear Jenna, we’re not sure what all is going on with you, but we’re praying for you and we hope to see you moving back in soon! Dear Work Friends, you all are seriously such a blessing to me. I’ve only known y’all for three weeks and I’ve fallen in love with every single one of you!

This semester is going to be such a good one!

The Rush has Begun

My first day back to class and I’m already spinning in a whirlwind. It’s almost 11:00 at night and I’m sitting up doing last minute laundry so I have something decent to wear to work tomorrow; this is my life. Today went by so quickly that I never really had time to sit down and just THINK. In class I was fully attentive to my professors because I am determined not to get behind this semester, at work I had a bajillion emails filled with To-Do lists and I was constantly on the phone with one person or another. Once I got off work I had a short amount of time to eat lunch and then I was off to class again. Then I was on my personal phone with multiple people talking about everything from A to Z. Then it was a fast food dinner and babysitting for a family at church. And now, instead of chilling out like a good college student I’m doing laundry. But, I guess that’s what you do when you’re suddenly alone: you find a million things to do so that you don’t have to really think about anything.

I did not in any way mean for that to sound as depressing as it probably reads. Seriously. I actually had a pretty decent day, considering recent events. Regardless of different life events and the ups and downs of life I still serve a mighty God who always has a plan for my life, even when I can’t see it or even understand it. Right now is the time to run full speed ahead into His waiting arms because if I don’t I know I’ll become the biggest train wreck this side of Oakcliff (for those who are not familiar with Dallas, Oakcliff is as ghetto as ghetto can get here- and I live 10 minutes away from there).

Dear Jacob

Sometimes the hardest things to do in life are the things that we have to do the most. You are still one of my favorite people in the whole world and you are definitely my best friend. We had our ups and downs along the way to here, our good days and our bad days. I love you more than words can express and I always will. You taught me how to love again when I thought that I couldn’t. I will miss having you so close, but I know you’re only a phone call away.