Morning Pep Talk

Dear Self, you can do it. You have Christ on your side and He is fighting for you. He already payed for your sins so stop reliving them as if you haven’t been forgiven. You can go out and totally conquer this day! There is nothing to fear and no need to worry about anything. Your life is in God’s hands and He will keep you throughout the day. You are beautiful, smart, kind, forgiven, and ultimately a Daughter of the King. He will fight your battles, you just need to let Him. You can do this.


Wonderful Weekend

Dear Parents, y’all are so awesome! I just wanted you to know this. Dear Jaclyn, you are one of the sweetest people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. So happy that you got to spend part of the weekend with us. Dear Alyssa and Suzanne, what happens in Midlo stays in Midlo. Dear Weekend, you were much needed. Thankful that I got to get away for a little bit and relax a lot.

Thunderous Thursday

Dear Weather, thanks for holding off while I was running around outside this morning. I really appreciated it! Dear iPhone, we tried really really hard to fix you. I promise you that one day you will be whole again! But it really was nice to not carry you around all day and to not be distracted by you. Dear Whomever Put A Cupcake On Our Peephole, we know who you are and revenge is coming! Dear Me, today was a much better day. You did great. Dear Tomorrow, I’m ready to conquer you.

Well, it’s Wednesday

Tomorrow marks one month of my journey back into singleness. I’ve learned a lot, not specifically about singleness, but about how God never leaves me in my darkest moments. Satan has been attacking me a lot this week, both physically and emotionally. Today was a really tough day as I wrestled with different emotions and feelings. I have been sick most of the week and have been completely drained of energy. I’ve been snapping at Alyssa over little things that don’t normally bother me and I had to ask for a couple of months off from being a youth leader at church because I had tears in my eyes the first half hour I was there tonight. One thing that I do know is that God is protecting me from the brunt of Satan’s attacks. And I am so thankful for that. Tomorrow is a new day and I know that God will carry me through.

Terrible Tuesday

Dear Body, it’d be great if you would function just a bit better tomorrow. I’d like to make it through the day without a nervous breakdown/energy crash. Dear Awkward Random Face Rash, just go away. You’re embarrassing me. Dear Lesson Plan, I OWNED YOU. AND my professor loved you too! Dear Roommates, I’m sorry for being a Sally Sob Story all day. I promise I’ll try to be better tomorrow. Dear Alyssa, if you set off the fire alarm one more time I’m going to…do something mean to you. Dear Fire Alarm, stop being so sensitive. Alyssa’s cooking isn’t ALL that bad… Dear Momma, thanks for listening to my rant today even though you were in the middle of doing something. You’re seriously the best. Dear God, thank You for reminding me that You are for me, that You are peace in the midst of confusion, and that I can always run to You in any circumstance. You are a mountain surrounding me on every side. You protect me even when I can’t see You. You are amazing.

Manic Monday

Dear Body, I really don’t like the fact that you decided it would be cool to not become tired until 4:30 this morning, an hour and a half before I had to get up to observe a class. Dear Alyssa, I’m jealous that for once you slept all night and I tossed and turned like a weirdo. Dear Coworkers, y’all are the best. We are now “The Fellowship of the Hat.” (For y’all who think this is weird, we started a little office game that involves stealing a miniature cowboy hat from people’s desks and hiding it on your own desk. We started obsessing over it like Gollum obsesses over The Ring…people are seriously becoming paranoid about it being stolen from them…hilarious). Dear Education Program, I love you, but I’m super tired of making lesson plans. Actually I really love it, because I know that I’m doing it in order to help a few students get caught up in school…but today I’m just worn out from you. Dear Momma, I miss you dearly. I really wish you were here right now. I need a shoulder to lay my head on.

Girl Scout Reminiscing

I just sat down on the couch with two wonderfully delicious Thin Mints in my hand. They finally arrived at church this morning after ordering them about a month ago. Two boxes of Thin Mints and one box of Samoas, right here at my finger tips. It made me think back to when I was in grade school, still living with my mom.

Getting Girl Scout cookies back then was a HUGE deal because we almost never had any sweet stuff in our house. My stepdad was always the distributer of the revered cookies. After dinner he would let me or my sisters run to the freezer and pull out the beautiful green box, we would carry it carefully to the table and set it in front of my stepdad.

He’s a little of a control freak sometimes and always had to have the first cookie…then all chaos would break out as we would each make a grab for the box. He might throw an elbow, I might throw a punch, my mom would scream her war cry, Rachel might jump across the table, and my baby sister would stare in horror at this strange family she was born into.

We were each allowed to have two cookies, so as to make them last as long as possible. But sometimes (most of the time) my sweet tooth would get the best of me and I would make one last grab for the treat before doing the dishes.

During the time between acquiring the cookies and finishing the last one, I would normally get caught sneaking a cookie for breakfast when my stepdad got up for work. Much of the time my mom would hear the wrapper crinkling in the kitchen when I came home from school. I just couldn’t help myself.

So, having my own box of Thin Mints makes me feel like quite an adult. I can’t help buy eye my roommates suspiciously though, when they glance at the fridge. I also am prepared to defend myself when the fat jokes and “sharing is caring” comments come my way. If need be, there will be a war over the cookies.

I bought them with my hard earned money. They’re MINE.