Dear Followers,

I made it through week one of the single life and I can already see God working on me. First thing, I have sooooo much peace. Life if crazy and hectic right now and I know that this is peace that can only come from the Lord. Secondly, I’ve had a better attitude about life in general. I can be a pretty big brat sometimes, and much of the time I whine and complain about different things (over complain), but through beginning to read 1 Peter (which is my favorite book of the Bible) I have been greatly reminded that God deserves praise for every little thing. From dying for my sins on the cross to waking me up this morning, from giving me this great job to giving me great roommates. Third, I learned how much was lacking in my own walk with Christ and some areas where I am spiritually immature; areas that need to be worked on before entering into a relationship with someone who is just as imperfect as I am.

All that to say, I am confident that God is going to do some big things in my life this year and that overall it’s going to be a good year!