Fitness Update: Running

There have been a lot of changes in my life the past couple of weeks: I started attending yoga classes with my stepmom, which has been awesome! People have been leaving our office at work, I’m getting ready for classes to start back up, roommates are coming and going and switching rooms…there’s just been so much happening!

So with all the new changes and things that are probably going to cause me some stress this semester I decided to start running. I have a really great friend who has been running track for years who is teaching me a ton of stuff about running. He’s been getting me on a schedule this week, teaching me how to breathe properly, and how to maintain proper form.

This has not been easy in the least! The first day he had me out at the track just to see what my endurance level is; testing how much I can handle. I’m pretty sure I punched him several times because I felt he was pushing me too hard, but I’m thankful that he did. The next day he took me to a place up the road where there are hills. I hated him, myself, and the rest of the world on this day. The hills were terrible; I was out of breathe, struggling to keep my form, and exhausted. I wanted to cry, and honestly I did shed a tear or two.

The third day was much better. We did a warm up lap, stretched, and then I was told to complete a mile on the track on my own. I was able to complete 3 laps before my body started screaming for water, so I grabbed my water bottle, took a few sips while still continuing to move, and then I was off again.

Today we’re going to find a dirt or grass trail because the concrete is hurting my feet. I’m happy to say that I’m super excited about this and am really hoping that with my friends training and encouragement I’ll be able to make this a lifelong habit! And I’ll still be attending yoga during the week to help stretch out my body and do something that doesn’t cause so much wear and tear!


Workout Outlet

Over the past few weeks I have expressed that there have been a lot of changes happening in my life. One of the big ones that I realized tonight is that I have started working out consistently! I used to work out a ton and then I quit. And I missed it because I really enjoyed working out and watching my endurance build and my body become stronger.

The past few weeks, and really the past year has been really hard for me in a lot of areas. And feeling super insecure about my body is definitely something that I have been dealing with. Working out helps me to feel amazed at what my body can take in the gym and proud of how hard I can push myself. The other thing that really held me back was that I felt guilty that I was working out but Jacob couldn’t, and I know that made him sad. He never wanted me to not work out because of him, but Satan used that as a way to attack me and hold me down.

I am out from under that hold now and it has been so wonderful. And working out has really helped me cope with a lot of the things that have been going on. My emotions are kind of all over the place and between work and school I’m always running around. But exercise is a way for me to escape, to laugh it up with random people in the gym, a time for me and Alyssa to talk and encourage one another. It’s something that I have definite control over and I enjoy it so much. There is so much satisfaction in coming home all sweaty knowing that I did a good job.

It’s been my outlet and I think it will continue to be until God tells me to stop.