Fitness Update: Fastest Mile!

Yesterday after work I ran my fastest mile at 10:47!! I also didn’t have to stop 3/4 of the way through like I did last time because I felt like I was dying. I just wanted to share this with y’all because of the improvement that I’m seeing and as encouragement to anyone else out there who is working toward a goal! Keep going because you WILL get there!


Back on the Radar

Dear Self, I’m so glad that you decided to take a vacation, even if it cost a lot of money and you had to buy new tires. You needed it and it definitely did you a lot of good. Dear God, You showed up this week. At the concert, at home, at church… I felt Your presence more this past week than I have in a while. Dear Alyssa, thank you so much for letting me come home with you! It was amazing. Dear Work, you kinda sucked this week. BUT we got to order Chili’s take out AND all of us girls that were left working got to have some good bonding time, which was great. Dear Heart, I am trying very hard to keep you guarded. You got a little thrown off this week, but prayer has gotten you through. Dear Emily, I’m so happy that I got to see you last night and that we got to do a little late birthday celebrating. Dancing and music and laughter was just what I needed. And thank you to all of my wonderful dance partners! Y’all were awesome! Dear Monday, treat me well. I’m really not at all prepared for you and it’d be great if you could just take it easy tomorrow. K? Thanks.

It has been a couple of days

Dear Readers, sorry for my absence and silence the past couple of days. Life just got a little bit crazier. I moved back into my house…which was a disaster. Someone keeps using my bathroom and leaving trash in there…such as beer cans. I am not pleased. BUT I started my new job this morning and absolutely loved it. It’s going to be awesome. Dear Jacob, happy one year anniversary to us! (yesterday..but whatever). I’m so blessed and thankful to have you. Thank you for being patient with me and sticking with me and my out of whack emotions. I seriously love you so much.